Posted on Sep 11, 2020

Goo Media Group

Many thank's to Alan from for taking the time to learn about Goo Media

The Local Business Network post.

I recently had a very interesting Zoom chat with Ian Gibbs of Goo Media Group. Their goal is to help local businesses grow by making it easy for customers find their business online & to get more customers in their store by optimising their Local SEO, Social Media Marketing & their Google Search & Maps Ranking.

Ian told me that “we started Goo Media Group just before COVID started so we were not tracking much at all. We offered our services for free to help local businesses get the word out that they were still open for business during the first lockdowns”

“we are very creative & have always offered all options for contactless meeting as well as face-to-face with social distancing protocols, however, face-to-face is my preferred option. There is something about being able to look into a person’s eyes & they ours, that helps build relationships. Text conversations are my least preferred, there’s no real way to read/see emotion or body language via text”

“we are really proud of what we have achieved & that we are here & available to help any business that needs our skills. Even if it’s just for basic information, we are always happy to help. Of course, more regular paying clients that we can work with would be fantastic”

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