Posted on Jul 15, 2020

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How To Keep Growing Your Facebook Business Audience?

I know from my own experience, getting the best out of your Facebook business page is hard and frustrating.
With the post reach being so low, it makes engaging with followers and growing a business page difficult (Facebook goal is to get businesses to use paid ads for page reach)

So, understanding that engagement is king and that posting for the just sake of posting is more for the businesses benefit than for the followers if the content is not engaging and does not speak to your niche. (I have made that mistake more than once)

Have you considered starting a Facebook group from your business page?
Facebook Groups are a great way to get organic growth. You can use them to become the expert in your niche for your current business page followers (who you invite to become members) & your new organic members (who you then invite to become followers of your business page)

The reach & engagement of groups are proving to be better than business pages. They tend to grow organically better than business pages. They also position you as "The Expert" for the industry that your business operates within.

Using Facebook Groups is a great way to gain followers for your Business Page. They are easy to set up & free to use, so why not use them!

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